Portuguese-English Dictionary from Accio App revisa

Very poor

Very Poor vocabulary and translation. The author clearly does not know much about the Portuguese Language.I would never recommend this app. As a Portuguese and English teacher, I need to have good tools. This product is certainly the worst tool ever. It is a shame Apple store does not have a good variety of is kind of product.I have been waiting. Mibagyn California/ Sao Paulo.

Not good

I personally don't like this app. For a paid app I was expecting more vocabulary and verb conjugations but you get none of that here. This is at best a free app but did not expect this for 3.99. If you need a dictionary app for Portuguese I suggest you wait for a better one or search for a different one. Get this app only if you really need a dictionary and can't find anything better.

My Brazilian bff

Just got back from two months in Brazil (tell me about it), and this app was my bff. It was extremely useful having this on hand for translating both directions. The quick-tap autofill is really good when you're not really sure of a spelling, and having a list of my most recent searches helped jog my memory and actually learn some Portuguese. There are a lot of slang expressions I had to resort to google for, but that's true for any dictionary. Same with local fruits and dishes. But again, I don't blame the app. I have another trip coming up to France, and I'm going to go download the French version right now. Thanks peeps.

Ótimo custo beneficio

Até agora não me decepcionou, varias definições e boa interface com memorização do histórico de palavras buscadas.


I had been looking all over the app store for a good, easy to use Portuguese dictionary, and I'm happy to say I found a great one. I'm much more confident in my Portuguese now that I have a way to quickly find words I don't know. While this is not an app that teaches Portuguese, it is a great supplement to ones that do, and is easy and quick.

Muito Bom!

Eu gosto muito este aplicação! Recomendo lá a tudo!


Has every word you will need. And I mean not just basic tourist thing. It does not pronounce it, so you have to be able to read it.

Nice dictionary

The interface is very easy and it does what is expected for a pocket dictionay, including idiomatic expressions. It also shows, when needed, the different portuguese words used in Brazil and Portugal.

Not very complete

I guess you get what you pay for. I've used more expensive translators with success, but I decided to give this little one a try. Many common words on signage and such don't come up with anything when I type them in. The phrasing, or usage, of the words is minimal at best. I say skip this one, buckle down, and pay for one of the more complete translators.

Well done!

I travel very often, and this beats using any other kind of translator. It's wonderful not needing the Internet! Thanks much, but I think the app would be more attractive at $1.

Best App ever

To use as a translator it's the best in the world. It's better than carrying around small dictionary! It also brings up the words as you type, which is handy if your not a good speller! And you don't have to be on-line! Great work Accio!

Get it

Great app. Tons of words, no Internet needed, only two bucks. What more is there to say?

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